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One Special Dog Story

One Dog Show…

Location: Dubai, UAE
Dubai Dog Show, 2011


me with the dog
“As I was entering the show, felt like I was walking into dogs’ heaven..”

I was so excited to be surrounded by all these amazing dogs, to get to meet them all and talk to their human companions. I saw big dogs, small dogs and dogs dressed in the cutest little outfits.

One of the things I loved about this event, was that; they supported animal adoption. They had the dogs dressed in “Adopt Me” T-shirts. Naturally, I wanted to take them all home with me, but unfortunately, the plane on the fly home wouldn’t fit them all. ?
Every single dog that I met was amazing in his own special way.

“Disabilities” are nothing but ideas in our heads”

The Less fortunate…

Consequently, I started thinking about all those less fortunate animals that are mistreated and abandoned on the streets, and I wondered; why can’t these people see how amazing these creatures are? And why can’t we see that being stronger, doesn’t give us the right to control or hurt these animals?

You don’t even have to love them.. You just have to be kind enough…

While i was sitting there drowning in my thoughts, my eyes fell on one special dog, and then my heart just stopped for a second.
A three-legged dog, who we can call “Max”. Max was accompanied by another dog and their human friend.



Max… The Special Dog

At first I felt bad for the little guy.. But then surprisingly, the amount of life and energy he had, left me speechless.

Dubai Dog Show, 2011

Max did everything the rest of the dogs did, as a matter of fact, he was soo full of life and energy than most of the rest. He was doing tricks, goofing around, playing with the other dog and running around without a care in the world.. He just had an amazing spirit…

And, as I am watching him, I thought to myself; this dog has lost his leg.. Yet..he did not give a damn.
He didn’t sit around wondering why? He didn’t care… He didn’t focus on his flaws, or simply give up.
He refused to give up, act or feel different. He had fire in his eyes, and anyone could see it.
With a family who loved and supported him, Max was a Happy dog.



Let there be no Excuses

That dog that I don’t even know his real name, gave me a lesson i shall never forget.
Max taught me that; all our disabilities are just in our heads. And it’s not just the “physical” disabilities; but, our mental and psychological disabilities that drags us down so hard, leaving us too scared to even try…

All these limitations we think we have are nothing but walls we built in our minds to set us apart from what we should be doing most… To fulfill our dreams, what we believe in our hearts we were born to do.

All of these voices that were stored in the back of your mind when they told you; that you’re just not good enough, or that you can never be.. That your dreams were meaningless…

You are so much more than you think you are.
You’ve got the FIRE… The Will that can turn it all around, that makes the Impossible, a bit more Possible.”


Let’s break down those walls…  Disabilities are nothing but Ideas in our heads. Voices that we created so creatively to manipulate our minds into thinking that they are the real reasons why we can’t do more…
These struggles can give you “The FIRE” and the strength to be shameless, go out there, work harder than anybody else, stumble, stand up again and fight for it!
All these limitations mean absolutely nothing, and nothing is stopping us from doing whatever we want to do except these excuses we create.

We’re just too lazy and too scared to try, because we’re too scared to fail…
I may never see “Max” again… But I will never forget him…