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How to choose your dog?

“Because all dogs are amazing… Sometimes it’s had to just Pick one!”


Known to be man’s Best Friend; Because of their loyalty, affection, protective nature, the strong bond they create with their companions, and a million other amazing qualities. Dogs are ranked as one of the 2 most popular pets Worldwide. 
However, there are a couple of things you need to consider before getting your first dog, to find if a dog is the right choice of pet for you.

 Did you know? According to science, dogs can make you happier!


 Research, Learn… And then learn some more.


NEVER get a dog out of an impulse. 

Raising a dog is very similar to raising a toddler, for an average of 10 years or more. So, to be a responsible dog companion, you need to take your time to learn everything you need to know beforehand.
Is a dog really the pet for you? Which breed best matches your lifestyle? Do you want a male or a female dog? Can you give him/her the Best Quality of life he/she deserves?

Make a list of your favorite dog breeds, and then look them up thoroughly; adult size, diet, fur shedding, likes and dislikes, energy level, training abilities, medical conditions, and every single details you could grasp so you can make an affirmative right decision.



So, why do you want to get a dog?

Are you looking for a dog to be your friend? A protector? Do you want a serving or an assistance dog? Do you have kids? Do you want a one-person dog or a family dog? Are you and elder or a younger person?  Do you want to get a puppy or do you want an older dog? Do you have other pets?
Decide why you want to get a dog, and accordingly, start narrowing down your choices.


Where do you live?Where do you live

Do you live in a small apartment? or a big house with a backyard? What about the weather conditions where you live? How much space do you have for your dog and his supplies?
Depending on where you live, you can choose the size of your dog, and how much barking can you and your neighbors tolerate?
Some dogs are really loud like; Rottweilers and Golden Retrievers. Whereas, others like; Afghan Hounds and Bull-mastiffs are more on the quieter side.
Some dogs like Siberian Huskies need a lot of space to run around, and can do much better in colder conditions. Moreover, they shed their fur like crazy… So you need to read as much as you can about the specific breeds of your interest, to find your perfect match.



What about your current economic situation?

Owning a dog can be really costly, and it varies from one breed to another. So if you don’t make a responsible decision, both you and your dog will have to suffer.
Adding to the expanses of buying the dog, you need to consider the costs of high quality food, supplies and medical care. If God forbids anything should happen to your dog, surgeries can be really costly. So how much you’re willing to spend on your dog is really important to determine which breed should you get, and wether it’s the right time to get a dog or not…



How much time and energy are you willing to spend?
What type of dogs matches your lifestyle?

Dogs are a huge part of our lives and families, but to dogs, we are their life.

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I don’t need to tell you that you need to spend time with your dog, because well…that’s probably a given.
But don’t force your lifestyle on your dog, instead, get a dog that matches your lifestyle.

Some dogs can tolerate being alone more than others, and puppies need a lot more attention and care than older dogs.
Do you have enough time to walk, play, bath, bond with your dog, and clean after him? Can you afford a dog walker? Who would take care of your dog if you had to travel?

Don’t get an outdoor, active, hunter dog and expect him to bind by your own rules. If you have an active lifestyle, and you have enough time and space for your dog, get a high energy level dog, if not, you can always get a lower energy level dog like French Bulldogs for example.
So, ask yourself: How much time and energy are you willing to spend on your dog?


Consider Adoption?Adopt - Petsoholic

There are so many abandoned animals in shelters everywhere, so before buying a dog… consider adapting one, and help save a life..



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