So Glad you could join me on this journey to help give our pets the best quality of life they deserve 🙂

I started this blog because I wanted to create a community for all animal lovers, and hopefully my experience would help you guys with every little aspect about your Furry and Feathered friends; from training, to communication, health, diet and much more.

Many people give up on their pet friends simply because, they think it’s hopeless to train them or change their negative behaviors. Or because they just didn’t do enough research before choosing their animal companion to find which breed matches their lifestyle best.

Animals have always been a huge part of my life, and I have had the chance to help, save, and train a lot of animals for about 15 years now. Mainly working with; cats, dogs and parrots.
There were moments of great joy, and there were hard times and losses.
There were stories of success, and stories of failure, that drove me to continue perusing to learn even more about their behavior, natural instincts and needs.

Throughout each experience, I learned something new, and I will always continue to better learn and understand…
So, as I continue with my journey, I invite you all so we can help each other give our animal companions the best quality of life they deserve. 🙂

Why do you need to Learn more about your animal friends?

Our Animals didn’t choose to be with us, but we chose to introduce them to be a huge part of ours…
And just like any other relationship, Communication is always the key.
So, Whether it’s a person, a Furry or a Feathered friend. The more you get to know and understand them, the stronger your bond will become.

“It’s a relationship that is based on; mutual understanding, trust, love and respect“


My name is Alaa Alkhateeb. I’m a Content Creator, Video Editor, Pet Blogger and an Animal Behavior Enthusiast.

I’m a wife, a mother and a Proud Pets Companion.
I love nature, animals, Photography, Film-making, music, traveling and sports. ♥

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